Where Are You Now?

by Kentucky Nightmare

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released November 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Kentucky Nightmare Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Sprung
And come spring,
I'll get sprung.
I'm guessing you'll be gone.

Are you up
to riding
a mile door-to-door?
This winter,
I'm hiding
the keys to both the Fords.

Who's gonna go the distance?
Not me anymore.

Come spring, who will go
out which window?
I'm going.
I'm gone.

Three trains: first out of Boston,
second one Chicago,
third from way down below
at top speed.
When will they finally collide?
And how long before I...

My mama taught me not to boast.
You've got a father who would toast
his own right in front of the host.
"Praise father, son, and Holy Ghost."

And come spring,
you'll get sprung,
and guess who will be gone?
Track Name: The Complaint
Things go straight to my head.
What will they find when
I crack it open?

Won't it seem so not-so-original?
Poison visions of
two hearts melting into one.
Same mistakes that countless others made.

Nothing's ever there when I need it most.
I've been chasing ghosts.
They beat me everywhere I go.
Can you see the? Tell me I'm getting close!

Does it come to you like it comes to me?
Hourly, it seems.
I keep coming constantly
to the brink of something much less funny.

Wake me up when it comes around.
I've been feeling down.
All my friends went underground.
Everybody else: where are you now?
Track Name: Breaking Up Again
Bright orange feathers
falling like hammers.
It breaks me down.
This mess of feelings.
The rarest one taken
forever to clouds.
Notes of him singing,
they get me reeling.
They're always gonna.
We were like brothers.
It makes me wanna...

This bird's taking off.

Mark my words. Dissect songs.
What you thought you heard.
You had it all wrong.
Days of kids and their moms.
That felt so dumb

Then there's another.
Why did i bother,
when tiny lights
swinging in windy
cities all over
have strung her out?
Notes I've been sending
don't seem to really
reach her.
We're breaking up again, phone.

Breaking up.
Track Name: My Town
On the rooftop, high.
Cars pass on by
lady on a bike.
Let the music play.
Please, summer, stay.
I will never leave.

Cuz it's me, and it's my town.
Green leaves never fall.
No, they grow out and on,
And that's how I will turn brown
this road I'm rolling down
in flames.

End of winter thaw.
I stand in awe,
singing to my Tum.
Circle around the square.
Come find me here.
I belong to this.
Track Name: Isis Underfoot
And when you turn it over,
looking up from under,
I like that more
than you on four.
Calling me down to the floor,
I've--I know--
so much more love to do
unto you.
Is there any thing more precious
than my precious?

Ain't my baby beautiful
waiting there for me?
Ain't she pleased as the punch
with me at her feet?
The only socks she wears: white as the snow.
Belly she shows, she does not really want me to know.
Oh, she's purring, I'm sure.

She lies, so alive.
Reclined, magnified.
Some trick when I,
glorified by her,
feel I could die.

Hey, kitty.
How so pretty?
How so?
Track Name: Evening
He coughs.
She holds the animals.
He, once again, coughs.

And things start getting worse
as she begins worshipping dirt,
and he starts willing it all to dirt.

He laughs.
She stares him down.
He laughs at the black.

Face melting down.
That's how she smiles.
It's killing him. All the while,
each one's becoming
more unbecoming.

He balks.
She calls him on his faults.
Who's more an adult?

Here come the killers
of everything sacred,
their own selves to blame
for all the pain.
Body bag fillers.
One more delivered.
Petty captains of fate
came just to late.
He kept his secret,
but she isn't done yet.
Who knows who will prevail?

Oh! What do you know?
Nobody lets go.
Nothing is done.

Except for the mister
and his cosmic sister,
in neighboring signs
and changing times.
She plays the keeper,
but he knows it deeper.
She keeps only herself.
Costs a life pretty,
but neither one's ready,
and here comes the storm.

Oh! What do you know?
Nobody lets go.
Everything, nonetheless, gone.
Track Name: Rose Hill
Bodies n' the ground.
I tried to take you higher.
Do you sense the irony
in what has come to be?
Living on your shelf.
Can you feel my ire?
Cast myself in iron,
easily I'm falling. Free.

Past and distant stones
held onto with no reason.
Accountabili-teasin' me,
and weighing you down.
One more left to throw.
I set myself on fire,
so you can see me shining.
Oh, indeedy, here I go.

And even you'll lay low,
and let me let you go,
and take the breaks as
we couldn't make it.
And when you feel that sting,
that's all I used to bring
no longer showing.
It's frustrating.
It's irritating.
It's here and it's gone.
It goes on and on.

And when it's time for Moore,
the always-open door
you sauntered in
now requires knocking.
So leave gifts at the gate.
You'll never have to wait
too long for response.
You're rose and thorn, and
I am the stem.
We were all along.
Track Name: I'm In Deep
Happy birthday, Jesus. My best friend's gone.
He burned up inside an Oakland home.
Rare and wild,
brother, worker, husband, father, and son.
I'm in grief, and I'm not the only one.

I'm in debt to a bank so rich,
clutching tight to a single stitch.
Please, Whitey, please.
I'm on my knees. I'm on my last three pennies.
Someone wealthy, please help me.

I met the devil, she's a woman unkind.
She mixed my heart up and broke my mind.
Won, then lost me.
Way to go, Scorpio.
I'm in hell, and up in heaven I hear Evan cry.

There's a wire hanging out the window. Why?
Somebody came and turned out the lights.
Still, I try,
this honest trade to ply.
And I'm in tears as the bottles keep getting dry.

I don't care for any new sunrise
when any one could bring the day I die.
As a child, I believed
I'd be living a real long time.
But we're getting deep, the gravedigger and I.
Track Name: Being Nice To People Is Easy
I got two.
Here, here's one for you.
It's really that easy.

You're coming through.
I'll hold the door for you.

It's a simple play,
this and every day.
Sisters and every brother,
please think of others.
You're always sending it out there.

You need a hand.
Well, I've got two, and
they're both free.
Wasn't that easy?

You're neck-high in plans.
I've got all this time on my hands.
So, what can I do for you?

It's a simple play,
this and every day.

It's easy to be nice, so try and take it easy.
Your once will get you twice. Just try, and you'll believe me.
Cuz good hands turn over and over without end,
so smile while giving comfort to a friend.
It's easy.
It's really that easy.

All around, we've got to.
On and on and on.